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What to lock in from lockdown

I think there’s now a consensus that it’s not about getting back to normal, but rather moving forward and creating something new. In some ways, that can stir difficult feelings around the unknown, but it can also be a good opportunity to create the space for doing more of what’s good for you and what you enjoy.

At the very early stages of this, when life was stripped back to the very basics, we had an opportunity to think about what really matters. All of my conversations with people were about looking after our health and those around us, staying connected to family and friends, and a sense of wanting to pull together in a crisis. This really did bring out what matters to us most – this was always there, but often got crowded out by other aspects of our busy lives.

Over these last few months, whether it’s been exercise, baking or family quiz nights, lots of us have done things we didn’t previously, some of which have been a great success! So, it’s really important to connect to what that was and what it gave you, for you to make it continue. 

What do you want to lock in and what do you want to leave behind?

Have you had more meaningful conversations with others and felt a positive impact? Have you had the time to exercise consistently and felt the benefits? Have you been closer as a family unit and want that to continue?

All the positive things you’ve done or experienced in lockdown can continue – it’s a case of working out how that will happen. Some of this will be down to what you prioritise and what is possible and some of it will be down to not doing everything as you did before.

We’ve been quick to think we’ve missed everything we’ve not been able to do, when in reality there will be some things that you haven’t missed! Before we know it, we slip in to doing things because we’ve always done it. Yet this is a perfect opportunity to find out what matters most and how that becomes a part of everyday life.

Take some time to really think about what you have enjoyed and what you’ve missed. What aspects of both do you want to carry forward? What matters to you most?

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