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Time for a change

When I set up my business 3 years ago it looked very different to how it is now. It was the first time I had ever worked for myself and it was both exciting and daunting in equal measure!

At the beginning I was still working part time in a counselling and training organisation. As things took off in my business and I had an ever growing to do list, I quickly realised that juggling both roles and the work and hours it involved was not sustainable for much longer. So, my notice went in and off I went!

A few things came easy at the beginning. Motivating myself to be productive with my time was one of them. Some things have evolved over those years, as is the case in a lot of businesses, like the individuals and types of businesses I work with has certainly changed. My focus is now in the health and wellbeing arena; helping people to live happier, healthier lives in a way which works for them.

However, one of the hardest things I found was deciding on a company name. I’ve always felt that it got to the stage where I ‘needed one’, rather than I chose one I liked that suited me. So, it’s of no surprise that over these last few years I’ve increasingly pulled away from using it as it just doesn’t fit with me or what I do. I have no positive connection too it and so knew it was time to get thinking again!

And now I’m excited to introduce you to….

I wanted to be able to show what I think is really at the core of managing our own health and wellbeing… Our individual being and our own thoughts.

We live in a noisy world and I think it’s incredibly important to filter that out and to listen to ourselves; what we think, how we feel, what makes us happy, what makes us healthy and to understand how we can act on it in a way that works for us.

Every individual client I work with and every group workshop I run has this at the very core. To make lasting changes that enable us to live happier and healthier (physically and mentally) we need to connect to what really matters most to us. Now, more than ever, this is needed and that’s what I help people to do.


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