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One to one coaching helps to raise your awareness for you to start to uncover what’s really going on in your life.

My role is to help you understand your thoughts and actions to be able to then do what’s right for you. It isn’t about me telling you what to do as I genuinely believe we are experts in ourselves. It’s just that we’re not always in the right environment to understand and make changes. And that’s what I help with.

The focus is on your present situation and where you want to be. Which means we talk about what’s going on in all aspects of your life right now.
I offer an initial session at no charge, which would usually be held over the phone or video call. This gives you a chance to experience how I work, and what coaching can do for you before committing to sessions. We would also use this initial session to agree on how often we would meet and what the focus of the sessions would be.

Following this, sessions can be held over the phone, via video call or at my base in Sheffield City Centre and are charged at £60 per session.