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About me

I am a qualified Coach, Counsellor and Trainer since 2006. I started my career working in the alcohol and mental health field in a duel role of counsellor and training co-ordinator.

Throughout my career, I have worked with people on self-confidence, stress, anxiety, managing a work/life balance, addictions, bereavement, and career progression to name a few.

Since setting up my own coaching and training business in 2017, I have been very much involved in health and wellbeing in the Sheffield City Region. This has developed in to working with businesses to support staff with their wellbeing through 1:1’s and workshops.

I work with individuals on what’s important to them. I’m passionate about people living happier and healthier lives. We can only change things for ourselves and only we know what these need to be. Given the right tools in the right environment we can make big, positive, impactful changes!

I hold an associate role for two companies; Spacious and Peak Health Coaching. At Spacious I work in a coaching capacity with individuals and in the education sector. At Peak Health Coaching I work alongside a team of local Doctors and Academics to deliver Health Coach and Patient Activation Training to Health and Social Care staff.

I have had many situations in my own life where coaching, particularly health related has made a massive difference to me and those around me. Understanding my own thoughts and what’s driving them to how they play out in the actions I take has been key. And this is what I love helping people to do for themselves when coaching.

I live in Sheffield with my husband and son. It’s fair to say we’re all Strongman events enthusiasts and lovers of cake! When we’re not busy at work and school or in my role as a Governor at our local Comprehensive School, we enjoy spending time as a family, eating out, working out and going for walks.