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Workplace Wellbeing

I work with staff within businesses to offer individual support and group workshops to help people manage their own mental and physical health more effectively. The workshops include; workplace wellbeing, managing stress and anxiety, managing change and mental health, as well as bespoke training sessions. All group workshops and individual sessions can be held either in house or online.

The first step to providing the right support would be for us to discuss your business, staff, challenges and outcomes. This will give me the understanding needed to be able to recommend what I believe will be of most benefit. We will then review this together to ensure it fits with your company. All workshops are interactive and are based on core themes which I will then personalise to ensure it relates specifically to your needs.

All of my workshops help the individual to relate all aspects of wellbeing to themselves and to form their bespoke action plan. This individual plan is key for making a change that not only makes the difference but is also sustainable.