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For me or for you?

We’ve made it to September, the vast majority of children are back in School and more workplaces are asking people to go back in to them. Some may say it’s almost back to normal, but my conversations with people are still about navigating through this. A few months prior, this was heavily focused on surviving. Now it’s about doing more of what we love whilst staying safe. 

What’s clear is that this pandemic has affected each person differently and will continue to do so in this way. There is no one size fits all here. And this is reflective of my view of wellbeing as a whole.

We can all experience the same thing but we will all feel it differently, and therefore an individual response is needed.

How often do we do things because others do them? Because it works for someone we know. And whilst we may get lucky and it may also work for us, it doesn’t always. It’s so important to relate everything back to you and your situation.

What do I think/feel about this? What do I think will work for me? What’s important to me?

Only this personalised approach will truly make a difference. And this really can be applied to everything we do. Whether its fitness related, how we spend our time, work related, family, whatever it may be, doing what we think suits us best is what really matters. Gather all the information you can and think about how it can work for you.

People tell me all of the time that they “should” get up earlier and have a “better” morning routine. Well, maybe so and maybe not! Some people are more productive in the afternoon or evening so don’t force yourself to fit in to someone else’s ideal of a ‘productive’ morning. Get to know what and when works for you and go with that. You are far more likely to have a positive experience this way. Sure, it’ll be trial and error, but it’ll be your trial and error, not someone else’s!

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