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New year’s resolution

Don’t make a New Year’s Resolution…

As we approach the start of a new year we often, as is tradition, make new year resolutions. And here is why I don’t think anyone should ever make them!

The chances are that when we think of a new year resolution or indeed hear someone’s, we wonder how long in to that year it will last. They are often reactions to ‘your own’ December and do not take enough in to account. For example, the most common one is we over indulge in all sorts of food and drink at Christmas, feel guilty that our clothes a little tighter so we react by announcing we’ll start the diet Jan 1st (maybe 2nd hangover dependent!) We’re likely to set ourselves up for a fall going from our eating and drinking routine of December straight to cold turkey nothing nice at all in January!

So how can we view it differently for it to work…

1 – Call them “My 2019 plans…”

2 – Look back at the whole of 2018, maybe talk it over with someone close to you, what would you like to achieve or do differently. What are you connected too? This should be a source of inspiration to work from.

3 – Step by step how can you set about achieving it? Please remember that plans can and should change as you do. The goal can still be the same but you may take a different route to it. Such as hearing there are roadworks on your journey, you’ll make a diversion, and still reach your destination. Think about the practical steps you’ll need to take to get going.

4 – What could stop you? This is not doom and gloom you’ll not do it kind of thinking. This is being realistic that things will not always run smoothly. And if it doesn’t, you’ve already thought of it as a possibility so you’ll know what to do to correct it

5 – What are the changes you’ll see/feel on the way? You won’t hit the outcome on day 2 or even 10 so don’t expect too! But what do you expect to see/feel along the way?

It’s not fool proof, it never is, but if you want something enough, you’ll make a start and keep running with it.

If this blog has made you think a little deeper and you’d like help with your 2019 plans please get in touch.

All the very best for your 2019


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