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My healthy people mission

I’m on a mission! And it’s to help people live happier, healthier lives. Because when they do, they manage anxiety and stress better, they live happier and they hold themselves accountable. So, in short, it just works!

Every aspect of my business has this at its very core. From working with individuals to businesses. And for the first half of 2019 I’ve delivered a series of well-being workshops for staff groups at Sky and health coach and patient activation training for NHS staff.

Well-being in the workplace isn’t new. OK the title is relatively new, but really in some circles we’ve been doing this for a while. And it really means people looking after themselves – living happy healthy lives. Now as we are talking about humans, one size does not fit all. There’s no definitive rule of ‘do this and it will work for all of your staff’. It’s about helping individuals to really look honestly and openly at their own life and decide what’s important for them to change. What would be the best thing they can do to be happier and healthier.

And this was the premise for my well-being workshops at Sky. It was designed to help people look at their life, think about what’s the most important thing to start to change and then give them the knowledge and tools to make the change. All whilst holding themselves accountable for it.

And it works. People can make a difference to their own lives. Long lasting change doesn’t come from an outside source forcing it upon us. It comes from our own wants and needs. Which is why its important to have the space and time to work this out. When this happens, and that person is supported to change – great things start to happen!

Far more of what we want to do and how we want to be is within our grasp then we’d ever think possible. We are our own Google and our own health checker. We just need to power them up and listen to what they say!

It’s a privilege to work with so many people who’ve made positive changes in their life – some big some small. I’m carrying on my mission to work with more people, more businesses and see even more results!

If you visit my business page you can see the statistics that make a compelling case for well-being in the workplace.

If you’d like to talk more about anything I’ve said please get in touch.


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