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The mind of a strongman

If you follow me on social media or have ever been on my website you’ll know that mindset is a big thing to me.

If you gain control over your mind I believe you can do anything you want too.

In both my personal life and clients I work with I see this daily.

Last weekend I got to see this in action – and it was larger than life shall we say! Me and my husband went to Giants Live – The World’s Strongest Men tour. It was brilliant. What these men can do is beyond amazing. On paper it is not possible. And I imagine they’ve been told this countless times over the years yet this has never stopped them. It probably only fuels their desire for them to conquer it!

When introducing the deadlift bar at 400kg Bill Kazmaier said ‘the bar is only heavy if you think it is.’ What your mind perceives you can do and what you can actually do are often two separate things.

Your brain will protect you from potential danger, pain and hurt. So in this instance it’s bound to tell you can’t lift it. Yet by recognising that these are limiting beliefs and not fact is the first part to changing the way we view a situation. Question where you’re ‘it’s impossible’ is coming from. Has someone told you this? Are there any pure facts to support it? Has it been done before? Do you think it’s out of your reach?

By starting to question this you are taking control of it in a way that works better for you and one that will ultimately get you closer to where you want to be.

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